The Art, of Being Sincere


Lessons derived from Raja Zia ul Haq’s Talk ‘Sincerity in Action’

The seminar held on the 21st of this November was both entertaining and full of humour. The Auditorium at SCEE rang out with the laughter and collective sighs of the audience and the speaker. Through a number of relatable stories and analogies, the speaker Raja Zia ul Haq, brought the subject to life.

The talk however was more than just conversational banter for the majority of us.  There was a lesson (or many lessons) behind the stories and the incident recalls.

For this reason we’ve compiled a simple list containing some of the most obvious lessons we learnt from the talk. We welcome you to share anything you feel we’ve missed- something you learnt on Thursday!

Lesson 1:

You have a duty to yourself. It’s high time you asked yourself who you are and what your purpose in life is. You don’t want to run out of time and regret your life later!

So step 1? Be sincere- to yourself. All else follows.

Lesson 2:

Figured out your goal in life?

Okay so now here comes the hard part. Strive towards the goal, while keeping your intentions sincere (pure).

Lesson 3:

Protect your intentions. Don’t let them get muddled up. Know what you stand for- Don’t be generous only because you want people to praise you. You’ll end up limiting your own opportunities if your intentions haven’t been as sincere as they should be.

Lesson 4:

Keep refreshing your intentions. Telling yourself why you’re doing things the way you’re doing them (i.e. repeating your intentions) helps keep the motivation- and the focus.

Lesson 5:

You need to get rid of four things if you want to stick to sincerity. These are:
1) The Love of praise

2) The Fear of blame

3) Desire of material benefits

4)  and Fear of harm from people.

In other words if you know you’re doing the right thing, then don’t let the voices in your head get you down or demotivate you.

Lesson 6:

Be sincere in everything you do. When you’re with family, devote yourself to them entirely- don’t just put in half an effort. Use your will power (and keep that mobile phone out of your hands for a while)!

Lesson 7:

Find out what makes you different- i.e. what you’re good at. It could be anything (from being good at writing poetry to being an effective listener). Work on your talent- hone up your abilities so that you can use them to achieve your goals. Become a productive member of society.

Lesson 8:

It doesn’t take much to change people’s lives. Work with sincerity- to benefit the people around you.

Here’s to taking these lessons seriously and becoming the sincere professionals we all ought to become if we are to bring about positive change!


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  1. Please do some events in army medical college as well
    I know the society is set up in H-12 but it will be greatly appreciated if events are extended to rawalpindi as well
    in sha Allah you guys will find an enthusiastic audience here as well

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